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About me

As a single mum with two daughters who are currently studying at university, I have experienced many of the issues common to all mothers. From 2004 onward, I was fortunate enough to be able to devote many years doing research into personal development and, as recommended by some of the best coaches, I studied human behaviour, successful people, and I become involved in training to be a life coach. I embarked on a personal development programme.

I read books, listened to CD programs, attended courses, seminars and workshops that I believed would help me develop and grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I was amazed at the impact it has had on my life, which completely changed for the better. My biggest realisation is that by changing my inner world, my outer world changes.

Personal Development is very important to me. I believe knowing how to change your mindset in a positive way is priceless. Along my journey I discovered that I love to help people to make a positive changes in their lives so that they can live their best life. I have been coaching since 2008. Helping others is my passion and transforming the lives of my clients is an immensely satisfying aspects of what
I do and one of my greatest joys.


Diploma in Life Coaching

NLP, Master Practitioner & Trainer

The One Command, Practitioner & Trainer

Meditation, Practitioner & Trainer

Graduate of the Silva Method

Reiki Healer