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Coaching for mothers

What you focus on expands and  becomes your reality.

You are finding a coach now because you have a particular issue in mind. Your issue might be one of these:

- Your Life appears to have little balance and is causing you stress

- You have communication and relationship issues with your children, your partner and at work

- You feel tired and exhausted most days

- You have lost your positive self image; you lack self confidence and can’t seem able to rebuild it

- You are overwhelmed by the problems caused by your children

- You lack clarity and direction and can’t seem to move forward

- Your children have left home and you seem to have lost your role and your identity as a mother.


Life coaching has never been more important. It’s a lot of work turning your life around, although it’s well worth the effort. However it becomes so much easier and quicker with a life coach. I can help you to see the real issues, give you support, encouragement, motivation and feedback. Together, we will explore the reasons behind the issues, restore your positive self and bring back clarity, joy and power.


Together, we will re-establish your happy, fulfilled life.

Coaching can be conducted, face to face, by telephone or internet (Skype).