Coaching for Teenagers
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Coaching for teenagers

When you take control of your mind, you take control of your life

Teenage years are the most important of our lifves and the mindset of the teenager is crucial for a successful transition from teenage to adult. To be successful, teenagers must be resilient and open minded to unfamiliar topics or activities to enable them to gain a greater understanding of who they are and what they enjoy. By doing so, they can acknowledge their strengths and interests so that they are confident in what their passions are and know how to pursue them.


Yet, this stage is special as their habits are not yet deeply ingrained. Therefore their negative attitudes, such as self-doubt and poor self-confidence, are easier to remove than than in adulthood. Additionally, this period is the time for them to positively develop themselves to mentally prepare for adulthood. 


A healthy social and home life is essential to everyone’s health, wealth and happiness although it is particular so for teenagers, as it is during this stage in life that they discover themselves. To comfortably express their thoughts with someone they trust is important as it allows them to understand their own thoughts better. For teenagers, sound relationships are a source of support, joy and comfort.


As a life coach I am open to talk about any issues that teenagers might be facing. I can help them clarify their own ideas about themselves and their situation and can guide them to effectively solve any issues with parents, guardians, teachers and friends. Coaching can be used to help improve their self-understanding, their communication skills and their ability to interact with others. Once they begin to develop a more positive mindset, self-awareness and easier relationships, they will begin to move forward in all aspects of their lives.


Through coaching they will learn to work with the world, rather than fight against it. When they feel overwhelmed, or unsuccessful, hurt or frustrated, and blame external circumstances, they will learn to take personal responsibility and that, in turn, will shift their actions to become more positive. Developing a better understanding of their issues allows them to make more informed and considered choices that benefit not just themselves, but also those closest to them.


Coaching helps teenagers develop self-awareness, clarity, emotional intelligence and self-esteem and unlocks their potential. Important life choices will become more considered, decisive and beneficial, laying the groundwork for a happy, fulfilled and successful adulthood.


I can help your teenage child reprogram their negative self-talk, behaviour and attitudes that block their success. I can help them remove limiting beliefs, bad habits and past conditioning that sabotage them, preventing them from achieving their desired goals in life. I will give them the necessary support, guidance and feedback that will enable them overcome any challenges. 

Coaching can be conducted, face to face, by telephone or internet (Skype).

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Grit works with schools, colleges and universities, building programmes which enable all students to develop resilience, belonging and confidence.