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It is universally recognised that:

Your deep-rooted beliefs determine
your experiences

What my clients say

Marietta is very warm, patient, and very passionate with what she does.  The journey with Marietta has been challenging as well as rewarding, as she has provided support, guidance and strategies in dealing with various situation in life, which makes me realise the potential of happiness in life and find the courage to face the fear.  Marietta is truly a reliable coach and a good friend. - E.M.

Marietta has been a positive inspiration to me in helping me to move forward from negativity in my life. Her warm and caring personality together with her wide knowledge and experience gave me confidence that I was working along with someone who could be trusted and whose primary concern was to help as much as she could. She was a real pleasure to work with. She is a great mentor as well as a friend and I would recommend her highly to anyone who needs help and guidance in overcoming problems in their lives in order to move towards a better and happier place. - R.G. Herts

With Marietta’s knowledge and expertise, she taught me a lot of things. She made me think and opened up my mind. I see things more clearly and I have become more confident and secure with myself. Now, I’m able to do things I wasn’t able to do before because of my low self esteem. I can say that her coaching is very effective. Because of her, I got through my difficulties and became a positive person. - R.A.

Marietta, through her patience, knowledge and understanding, has helped me transform my life. I now a have purpose and clarity of vision that I could never have achieved without her help. To understand what you want out of life and how you want to live it, are so important to our development. I feel I have begun to fulfil what I might call my destiny, as I now feel I live for a purpose, not necessarily in a religious way but certainly to the betterment of not just my life but, by helping others, I can make a difference to the lives of others. - M.G. London

I am a 41 year old married man with five children, Marietta has opened up a lot of possibilities in my life that I wouldn’t even imagine that I am capable of, and she has made our sessions really comfortable and interesting. Marietta’s coaching techniques are so effective that she can easily help a person go through any difficulties in life positively and build their self esteem. I would personally recommend Marietta to those who want to turn their lives around, discover their hidden potentials and live their life to their utmost capabilities . Marietta is a living proof of what positive thinking can achieve in life. - I.L.

Marietta has helped me a lot in two different periods in my life and helped me in changing my way to see things. As a result, many things in my job and in my environment have improved as well, following my fresh attitude towards the world. I loved how coaching sessions guided me gently, yet firmly, to my objectives, giving me the ability to focus on what was important. There is still a long road ahead to follow, but I feel Marietta has given me the right direction! - M.V.

Marietta is able to see issues with such clarity that I find just chatting to her prior to coaching helps me see things much more clearly and assists in disentangling my thoughts to find the area on which I should be focusing. Her coaching is invaluable for turning one’s disordered and random thoughts into positive intentions. I would recommend her to anyone who sometimes has difficulties clearly imagining the life they want to lead and wishes to start living it right now. Of all the coaches I know, Marietta most effectively lives what she believes in. - M.B. London

When we have a big storm in our lives, normally what we need is someone to talk to and someone who will listen to our problems. When circumstances hit me, I lost track with my life to the point that I have lost interest in life again, but God is so good that he didn’t allowed that to happen yet, he uses other people to help me overcome my problems and troubles in life. Before I don’t believe in Life Coaching but when I tried it with Marietta, I could honestly say that she really helped me a lot to overcome my problems. She showed me that life was given to me not to waste but to treasure; that there are interesting and good things waiting ahead of me. She patiently listened to my problems and provided me sincere support and sympathy. And not only that, she also helped me regain back my self confidence, improved my personality, changed my characteristic into a better one and most importantly, give HOPE TO LIFE MY AGAIN. - J.R.B.

Coaching with Marietta is always light and easy. I never feel pressured to find answers to my issues. She helps me to see things from a different perspective so that I am clear on what I want and the choices I have to make it happen. It’s amazing how Marietta makes it so easy! I get to be lot happier within myself after every coaching session.  - T.S.